About Us


Anchor Point is devoted in making great internet and mobile products. We provide various IT solutions:

  • Mobile apps (iPhone, Android and tablet.)
  • Online marketing (SEO, eDM, facebook, twitter, weibo etc.)
  • Business and IT executives consultations and trainings

We are proficient in latest mobile technologies including:

  • Virtual and Augmented Reality (VR/AR)
  • Near Field Communication (NFC)
  • Ultrasound Communication
  • Facial recognition, image recognition and text recognition (OCR)
  • QR code applications
  • Bluetooth / iBeacon location based services and Indoor Positioning

Our development team is experienced in design and development across various industries. We are passionate towards researching on emerging technologies and how to pragmatically put them into applications.

For more information, call us at +852 35830762 or email [email protected]

Corporate Social Responsibility is one of our business visions from the beginning. At Anchor Point, we are devoted to charitable causes which could lead to the betterment of society.


Managing Director, MSc MBCS PMP CISA CISSP

Peter Choi is a Hong Kong internet entrepreneur and an experienced project manager. He is currently the owner of several startups: Marryfun (@marryfunapp), Snapshock (@snapshock), and Hiwave Dry Seafood (@hiwavesg).MarryFun (www.marryfun.com) helps you to invite guests to your wedding ceremony and collect BIG DAY photos instantly. You can easily create your customized wedding website with mobile compatibility using templates. Your wedding photos will be collected instantly and made wedding photos slideshow. You can invite your guest through e-mail or instant messaging services like WeChat. A DVD with high resolution wedding photos will be provided. Other customized settings like privacy settings will also be provided.Snapshock (www.snapshock.com) helps you to broadcast photos live on the web. Everybody can become a reporter by taking photos with Snapshock mobile app. Your photos will be published live on the event feed where people from around thew world can view them instantly.Hiwave Dry Seafood (hiwave.starrygift.com) is an online retail store of Chinese dry seafood. It meshes up traditional Chinese rituals with web technology, rendering successes in both sales and exposure. The business was recently featured in Google internet market report (www.connectedharbour.hk) and reported in Wall Street Journal Asia.Peter obtained his bachelor degree of Computer Science from the University of Hong Kong, and master degree of E-Commerce from the Chinese University of Hong Kong. Along his career Peter never stop studying as he went on to obtain PMP, CISA, CISSP and other credentials.