Corporate Social Responsibilities (CSR)

From the very first day Anchor Point was founded, we carry a mission and a commitment for the betterment of this world. We dedicate to giving back to the society through donation and action.

World Vision

World Vision : Child Sponsorship Programme

World Vision pools together the monthly donations from sponsors to implement Area Development Programmes (ADP) in sponsored children’s communities. Typically, an ADP will last for 15 years, covering a wide range of development projects including water, agriculture, healthcare, education and economic development. Community participation is strongly encouraged and valued because it is through this process that community members are empowered to establish a self-reliant and sustainable community where your sponsored child will grow and blossom.

Anchor Point has joined the Child Sponsorship Programme and all team members participates:

  • Each staff will join as a sponsor parent and be responsible for one child
  • Sponsorship fee is afforded by the Company
  • As our team grows, more children will be sponsored too
  • We hope to share the act of kindness with our teammates, who will continue to inspires others and help more.

For more information about World Vision please click here.