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#Adobe Introduces #Firefly for Enterprise Customization and Expands #AI Powered Services

Adobe has announced the availability of its Firefly generative image generator for enterprise customers, allowing them to customize the model with their own branded assets. Alongside this, the company is also bringing its Adobe Express design app, previously known as Adobe Spark, to enterprise users, providing access to Firefly within the app.

David Wadhwani, President of Digital Media Business at Adobe, emphasized the increasing content demands faced by enterprise leaders and the need for internal efficiencies. The new enterprise offering empowers users of all skill levels to transform ideas into content using Firefly while leveraging Express and Creative Cloud to modify assets and create standout designs efficiently.

This announcement follows Adobe's recent integration of Firefly into Photoshop, where it has been utilized over 150 million times. As part of Adobe's strategy to incorporate these capabilities across its product portfolio, Firefly has emerged as a significant advantage by producing commercially safe images. By training the model on images from Adobe's stock imagery marketplace, alongside openly licensed and public domain content, copyright concerns associated with web scraping are avoided. While the model's image generation capabilities are somewhat limited, being commercially safe is highly valued in the enterprise context. Adobe is committed to this approach and will indemnify businesses that use Firefly-generated images.

In addition to Firefly, Adobe has launched several other generative AI-powered services under its Sensei GenAI platform. These services include text and data-centric models leveraging multiple large language models, such as OpenAI through Microsoft Azure and the Google-incubated FLAN-T5 model.

One notable addition is the generative AI-based marketing copy generator, available in beta for Adobe Experience Manager and Adobe Journey Optimized. This feature allows brands to edit, rephrase, and summarize marketing copy while selecting preferred tones of voice. Another interesting capability is the use of natural language queries in Customer Journey Analytics for data analysis, along with automatic captioning of charts and graphs. Additionally, Adobe offers a new chat tool that automates interactions with online prospects, addressing product queries and providing summarized interactions to assist sales teams using Marketo Engage.

Adobe is already collaborating with numerous brands, including Mattel, IBM, and Dentsu, to help them adopt these AI-powered tools and enhance their workflows.


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