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Apple's WWDC 2023: Anticipated New Macs and Mixed Reality Headset Take Center Stage

Apple's highly anticipated WWDC 2023 is set to commence on Monday with an exciting opening keynote. Alongside the introduction of new software such as iOS 17 and watchOS 10, there are strong indications that Apple will finally unveil its long-rumored mixed reality headset. However, the event may hold even more surprises in store, as Bloomberg's Mark Gurman suggests that multiple new Macs are expected to be announced during the keynote.

With just a few days remaining until the special event, Gurman took to Twitter to share his expectations. He believes that the focus of the keynote will primarily be on the introduction of several new Mac models and the highly anticipated mixed reality headset. Consequently, the new versions of Apple's operating systems will likely take a backseat during the event.

Undoubtedly, the spotlight will be on Apple's mixed reality headset, tentatively known as Apple Reality Pro. The company has devoted several years to the development of this project, positioning it as their next major innovation following the successful launch of the Apple Watch in 2014. Significantly, Apple has extended invitations to multiple virtual reality (VR) experts to attend the event in person, strongly indicating the imminent arrival of the headset.

Regarding software updates, rumours suggest that the forthcoming releases may not bring about substantial changes. Speculation surrounding macOS 14, tvOS 17, and iPadOS 17 has been minimal, with no significant rumours regarding new features. However, there are whispers that watchOS 10 may receive a fresh interface, while iOS 17 is expected to introduce enhanced customisation options for the Lock Screen and a revamped Control Center.

The realm of Macs remains a subject of uncertainty, with much speculation surrounding the upcoming product lineup. For quite some time, rumors have teased the launch of a new 15-inch MacBook Air. Sources have informed that Apple has been diligently working on 13-inch and 15-inch MacBook Air models equipped with the M3 chip. Additionally, a 13-inch MacBook Pro powered by the M3 chip is said to be in development. These laptop models were last updated in June of the previous year.

However, Gurman recently indicated that the initial M3 Macs will likely be released later this year. Meanwhile, the imminent 15-inch MacBook Air is expected to be powered by the same M2 chip as the current 13-inch model. This raises questions about the identity of the "several new Macs" that Apple is rumoured to introduce.

At present, it is challenging to ascertain the exact lineup of these new Macs. Apple recently updated the Mac mini and the high-end MacBook Pro variants with the M2 chip, making it less likely for these models to receive immediate updates. The iMac is another contender, but both Gurman and sources report that Apple has opted to skip the M2 chip for its all-in-one desktop.

So, what remains? It appears that the Apple Silicon Mac Pro and a new iteration of the Mac Studio, powered by the M1 Max and M1 Ultra chips, could be on the horizon. Apple sent an internal memo to its retail stores stating that the Mac Studio will soon be eligible for the trade-in program, commencing next week. Interestingly, the same memo mentions the inclusion of the M2 MacBook Air and the 13-inch M2 MacBook Pro in the trade-in program as well. Does this imply that Apple will release new M3 MacBooks and a revamped Mac Studio during the upcoming event? Will the highly anticipated Apple Silicon Mac Pro finally make its debut? Currently, the answers to these questions remain unknown. Nevertheless, it is apparent that new Macs are indeed on the horizon. Therefore, if you are planning to purchase a new computer, it may be wise to hold off for a few more days to see what Apple has in store.


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