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#Apple #VisionPro Headset: Swappable Battery Offers Flexibility / #WWDC #VR

Apple's new headset introduces a compromise in the form of an external Vision Pro battery. While this decision reduces the device's weight, it can be considered a somewhat cumbersome solution. Despite the inclusion of an external battery pack, the battery life is limited to a mere two hours. However, it appears that the battery pack is indeed swappable, which offers some flexibility.

In most scenarios, the two-hour battery life of the Vision Pro headset is unlikely to pose a problem. It is expected that the headset will predominantly be used at a desk for work or on a couch at home, where it can be conveniently connected to a power source. Nevertheless, there may be situations where battery power and freedom of movement are necessary, and in those cases, the two-hour limit can be quite restrictive.

Upon initial inspection, it appears that the battery cable is fixed to the battery pack itself. However, Twitter user DuanRui has suggested an alternative possibility. Notably, there are two round holes of different sizes on the pack. While one is likely an LED indicator, the purpose of the other hole remains unclear.

One theory, proposed by Rui, is that a SIM removal tool could be used to detach the connector and connect it to a spare battery pack. Another possibility is that the power cable functions similarly to the HomePod, where a firm pull is all it takes to detach it.

Of course, Apple would be more than willing to offer a spare battery unit that includes the headset cable and MagSafe connector. However, if the battery pack alone is swappable, it could provide a relatively more affordable alternative for users in need of a backup power source.


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