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Burger King and McDonald's Engage in Billboard Battle in Brazil / #BurgerKing #McDonalds #ChatGPT

The rivalry between Burger King and McDonald's has reached new heights with a billboard battle unfolding in Brazil. Positioned side by side, the competing billboards from the fast-food giants have sparked a playful and attention-grabbing campaign.

Translated versions of the billboards, as reported by The Drum, reveal an exchange of banter between the two brands. Burger King's billboard boldly highlights McDonald's Big Mac as the most "iconic burger," while naming its own Whopper as "the biggest." Both billboards feature responses generated by ChatGPT, an AI language model, and share a similar design aesthetic.

It appears that Burger King's billboard serves as a direct response to McDonald's recent campaign, which was based on the chatbot's declaration of the Big Mac as the most globally recognized burger. The fast-food chain had enlisted OpenAI's chatbot to determine the world's most iconic burger, and the Big Mac claimed the title due to its longstanding history since its introduction in 1967.

In a clever move, Burger King's ad counters with the question, "And which is the biggest?" According to their billboard, the Whopper takes the crown for being the largest in terms of size and ingredient quantity.

When questioned by Insider about the most iconic burger, ChatGPT listed the Big Mac, followed by the Whopper and the In-N-Out Burger, in that order.

Both billboards share a visually appealing design, resembling stacked layers of colored text that resemble a burger. It remains unclear whether the billboards are consistently placed side by side or if multiple installations can be found across Brazil.

Insider reached out to representatives of McDonald's Brazil for comment, but they did not provide a response or comment on the matter. Burger King also did not immediately respond to Insider's request for comment, which was made outside of regular working hours.

As the billboard battle intensifies, it captivates the attention of onlookers and sparks a friendly rivalry between the two iconic fast-food chains. The creative and interactive nature of this campaign showcases the power of advertising to engage and entertain audiences while fueling the ongoing competition between Burger King and McDonald's.


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